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For ease of viewing the websites mentioned in “Web Watch”, a regular feature of our quarterly journal, the whole article is reproduced below. 

Since websites, their content and their links are prone to frequent change, or even removal, we will only display the articles from the previous four issues of the journal.

Vol 30, No 1:  September 2016

Find My Past -

FMP have added 200,000 baptisms and births and 300,000 burials to their Non-Conformist records.

1600 abstracts have been added to the Kent Wills and Probate Index.

RAF Gallantry awards for 1914-19 have been added, 274,000 records.

A further 764,000 records have been added to the Prisoner of War data for 1715 to 1945 and over 2.5m records have been added to their criminal records, both in association with TNA.

They have also added further parish records for London (Westminster), Staffordshire, Northumberland, Surrey, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Durham and Yorkshire, and MIs for Worcestershire and Middlesex.


Ancestry -

Ancestry have added an index and images for the England & Wales Probate Calendars for 1973 to 1995, only leaving a gap from 1967 to 1972.

For Bexley, Kent they have added Electoral Rolls for 1734 to 1965 and WW1 Registration Cards.

50,000 Merchant Seamen deaths for 1939 to 1953 have been added in association with the National Maritime Museum.

Emigrants in Bondage 1614 to 1775 has details of over 50,000 people transported to America.

They have added various Nursing Registers for 1891 to 1968.

Parish and Prison records have been added for Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Norfolk.


The Genealogist - 

They have added a new collection of early military records from various sources.

Also parish records for Worcestershire and Norfolk.


Deceased Online –

More records have been added for the Halifax area of Yorkshire, making 200,000.


Family Search -

The index to Sussex parish registers has been expanded to 2m records.


Bletchley Park -

This lists all those believed to have worked in signals intelligence during WW2 at Bletchley Park and other locations.


1841 census occupations -

Images of a book analysing occupations by county and industry.  Beware long URL!


Gravestone Photographic Resource - 

A free database of monumental inscription photos submitted by volunteers including  Elham, Ivychurch, Lydd, Postling, Old Romney and New Romney.


Kent Photo Archive -

20,000 images of Kent, some back to the 19th century.


Edwardian Postcards -

Over 1000 cards scanned with the names linked to records such as censuses.


Existing and lost railways -

Zoom in on our area to see the RH&DR, Hythe branch, Sandgate tramway, cliff lifts and the spur from Folkestone West into the West End.


The problems of digitising records -


And finally, we all make mistakes -


Vol 29, No 4:  June 2016

The National Archives -

TNA recently had a useful blog post on tracing coroner's records, and what you might expect to find in them -

Find My Past -

FMP have added 1.5 million records called London Lives, Culture & Society 1680-1817 including criminal registers, apprentices, inquests and workhouse minutes.

5.4 million parish and other records for Yorkshire have been uploaded.

79,000 new records have been added to the Greater London Burials index, plus 120,000 baptisms and marriages for Dorset, 71,000 Suffolk marriages, 129,000 Middlesex baptisms, and Irish Quaker records.

In association with TNA, they have scanned and indexed over 911,000 Royal Navy and Royal Marines service and pension records 1704 to 1934.

The final 527,000 records have been added to the National School Admission Registers database.

Ancestry -

Ancestry have added BMD records for Army and Navy 1730 to 1960, Consulates 1810 to 1968, and At Sea 1844 to 1890 from TNA.

They have added a database of the Irish Probate indexes 1858 to 1920.

Also non-conformist, militia and workhouse records for Cornwall and parish records for the Sutton Borough of London (Surrey).

The Genealogist -

The Genealogist have added 900,000 transcripts of parish records for Essex and 158,000 baptisms for Worcestershire.

Deceased Online –

They have added 3 cemeteries around Halifax, Yorkshire with more to follow.

Video tutorials on local BMD indexes by Ian Hartas -

Kent Archaeological Society have transcribed information from the PCC wills of numerous people who worked at the Chatham dockyards -

Kent Probate -

Indexes to Kentish PCC Administrations 1559 to 1660 and Probates in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury 1630 to 1728.

London's Museum Mile -

13 museums from the British Library to Somerset House.

And finally, a tour around 17 execution sites in London -

Vol 29, No 3:  March 2016

The National Archives -

Diaries of 247 First World War hospital camps, hospital ships, convalescent hospitals and veterinary hospitals are now available to read online. They are part of WO95 and reveal different methods of treating injured and disabled soldiers, and give insight into life in hospital during the First World War.

National Library of Ireland -

NLI released images of most of the Catholic Parish Registers a few months ago, covering 1671 to 1900. Both Ancestry and FMP have just released indexes to these registers- and FMP's are free.

Find My Past -

The 1939 register is now available in full to those with annual subscriptions.

They have added over 20,000 transcripts of monumental inscriptions from 9 burial sites in Middlesex for 1485 to 2014, plus 279,000 new records for the Greater London Burial Index for 48 sites.

Over 240,000 records have been added to their Britain Merchant Seamen 1918-1941 from TNA BT348, 349, 350 and 364.

In partnership with Family Search FMP have added 33 million USA marriages.

The 241 volumes of Phillimore's Marriage Registers now include images of the book.

Another new index covers 35,000 Knights of the Realm.

A worldwide Army index for 1841 has been added with 139,000 entries.

FMP have added indexes and images of the parish registers for Norfolk, Isle of Man, and Suffolk. Also some Irish non-conformist records.

Ancestry -

Ancestry have added Rolls of Honour for Merchant Seamen in WW1 and WW2 from TNA BT339.

The Police Gazette for 1812-1902 and 1921-1927 has been indexed with images.

Parish Records for Northamptonshire now include marriages to 1912 and pre-1813 baptisms and burials.

The Genealogist -

The Genealogist have added 150,000 WW2 Prisoner of War records.

Like FMP, they have also added Norfolk parish register indexes and images.

Their Tithe Maps index, images and links are now complete for England & Wales.

Deceased Online –

Records have been added for Nottingham and East Staffordshire.

Family Search -

The LDS have added parish records for Kent from Maidstone Archives including some parishes from our area. Images are only viewable at home by members but can be seen at Family History Centres such as TNA.

Also parish registers for Lancashire and 481,000 records for Oldham, Lancashire cemeteries.

Lost Cousins Newsletter is always a source of excellent information such as -

Images are always much better than incomplete transcripts. Although based on Sussex, this may apply to other counties on Family Search.

Before 1948 Electoral Registers showed a code for the reason why a person could vote. This site explains the codes.

And finally, a map of Anglo-Saxon London

Vol 29, No 2:  December 2015

Find My Past -

Their major release is the index and images for the 1939 Register, a census of the civilian population in September 1939 to prepare for the issue of Registration Cards and Rationing. Later used as the basis for issuing NHS cards. Not included in any subscription at present and not cheap. List of Registration Districts and codes -

An important local addition is the parish registers for St. Leonard's Hythe.

FMP have loaded images of the Probate Index for England & Wales for 1858 – 1959 with OCR, so you can search for Executors' names or places.

There are 220 million names in Electoral registers for England & Wales 1832 – 1932.

Other additions include 22,000 baptisms and burials for North West Kent, Probate records for Lichfield and Coventry, Ely Marriage Licences, and Absent Voters Lists for 1918 - 1921.

Ancestry -

They have added indexed images of the United Grand Lodge of England Freemason Membership Registers, 1751 - 1921.

Another addition is indexed images of the Scottish Probate [Confirmations and Inventories] for 1876 – 1936. This gives more information than the free index on Scotland's People that covers 1513 – 1925.

Other additions include 1000 Suffragettes arrested in England 1906 -1914 from TNA HO 45/24665, Apprentices Indentured in Merchant Navy 1824 – 1910 from TNA BT 150/1-53, WWII Civil Defence Gallantry Awards 1940 - 1949 from TNA HO 250, Gloucestershire Non-Conformist Baptisms 1739 – 1987, and London Workhouse Admissions and Discharges 1659 – 1930 from LMA.

The Genealogist -

They have added 5 million Emigration records for 1896 – 1909.

Forces War Records -
They have added 500,000 Military Hospitals Admissions and Discharge Registers WW1 from TNA MH106.

Deceased Online –

New datasets for London include 4 cemeteries and the crematorium for Lewisham with 385,000 records and Nunhead Cemetery and Honor Oak Crematorium for Southwark with 300,000 records.

Family Search -

The LDS have added parish records for Dorset, Warwickshire and Isle of Man.

Double Records on Family Search -

Richard Heaton - Update to British and Irish Digitalised Online Newspapers Index

Google search tips -

Smith and Baker all over Europe -

Fly through pre Great Fire London -