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Websites Featured in Web Watch

For ease of viewing the websites mentioned in “Web Watch”, a regular feature of our quarterly journal, the whole article is reproduced below. 

Since websites, their content and their links are prone to frequent change, or even removal, we will only display the articles from the previous four issues of the journal.

Vol 32, No 1:  September 2018

Find My Past -
FMP have added records for Portsmouth including burials, rate books, hospital, police and directories.  They have also added further parish records for Kent including Lydd, Hythe, Paddlesworth, Sandgate and New Romney, Cheshire, east London, Dorset, Wales, Northumberland and Durham burials, Lothian burials, and 2800 irregular baptisms around the Fleet Prison.  Kent Poor Law records include Elham Union.  Records of 536,000 Marriage Licences have been loaded.  224,000 further records have been added to WW1 Soldiers' Medical Records from TNA MH106.  Royal Air Force Lists from 1919-1922 and 1938-1945 include 62,000 names.  A big addition is 107m records from Electoral Registers for 1920-32.  For Jersey 62,000 German Occupation identity Cards have been transcribed.  110,000 Monumental Inscriptions for Dorset have been transcribed.

Ancestry -
Ancestry have added the membership records for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1847–1938.  A new database is the UK and Ireland Obituary Index, 2004-2018 sourced from newspapers.  Ancestry now have the 1939 Register with a different index created from redacted images from FMP some months old.

The Genealogist - 
The Genealogist have added the records of 150,000 prisoners in Newgate Prison, London, 1791 to 1849, from TNA HO26.  They have completed Warwickshire parish records with a further 1.5 entries with images.  The Valuation Survey of 1910 has been added for north-west London.

Family Search -
Family Search have added parish records with images for Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Devon and Cornwall, plus index records for Essex and for non-conformist records for Northamptonshire.  Welsh Marriage Bonds 1650-1900 have been transcribed.  They have added 599,000 burials for Oldham area.  They now have the England & Wales Probate index for 1858 to 1957 and have also indexed the Executors and Administrators [but incorrectly described them as Beneficiaries].

Scottish Indexes -
The Maxwells have added over 133,000 High Court records including those who were transported during the Victorian period, plus video tutorials.

FreeBMD at 20 -
Videos of presentations at the conference including Audrey Collins and Else Churchill.

City of London Cemetery and Crematorium -
Unindexed images of burial registers with 440,000 records from 24 June 1856 to 7 October 1955.

Isle of Wight Council-
Index of almost 100,000 burials and cremations.  Digital download costs £3.

Description of extra pages on 1841 census -
A Street Near You -
This contains nearly 500,000 location records for 410,000 men and women who died whilst serving in the First World War. It was created using data and images sourced from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Imperial War Museum, including their Lives of the First World War project.

Place Name Index to Great Britain -
Over 50,000 entries.

Ten Threats to the Future of Genealogical Research -

New records for UK - and world-wide -

And finally, Find My Past have loaded images of the Gestapo arrest list ready for when they invaded in 1940.   2300 names including H.G. Wells and Noel Coward.

Vol 32, No 1:  September 2018

Find My Past -
We have started adding our own data to FMP.
FMP have added 881,000 Clandestine Marriages with images from TNA RG7 for 1667 – 1775. 329,000 deaths and burials for Fife and Lanarkshire 1549 – 1877 have been indexed. Images of 147 Royal Navy Lists from 1824 to 1945 have been added. Parish register additions include 2.5 million records and images for Lancashire (excluding Liverpool and Manchester), 109,000 more Middlesex burials, and 264,000 for Wiltshire Quakers. Social and institutional records for Wiltshire number 422,000. 691,000 records and images have been added to the WW1 Soldiers' Medical records from TNA MH106. The Suffragette Collection has 22,000 more records and images from various TNA series.

Ancestry -
Ancestry have added 4.2 million Electoral Roll records for Aberdeenshire and Fife. Also 1.7 million Electoral Rolls, Poll Books and Juror Books for Cambridgeshire.

The Genealogist -
They have added 160,000 records and images of Criminal records from TNA CRIM9. Schedules and maps for the 1910 Lloyd George survey have been loaded for north Middlesex. Colour Tithe maps for East and North Ridings of Yorkshire have been added. The Index to Changes of Names 1760 to 1901 published by Phillimore and Fry in 1905 has been digitised with 12,000 names.

Deceased Online -
They have added 57,000 records and images of burials in 3 Oxford cemeteries.

Family Search -
The LDS have added 928,000 parish register records for Northumberland and 2.8 million for Warwickshire.
2,400 historic maps, plans and drawings from National Records of Scotland (NRS) collections have been added.
In the Lost Cousins newsletter Peter Calver mentioned that 1871 maps showing Registration Sub-Districts (excluding London) from TNA RG18 are available free.
Information about 43,000 casualties and 50,000 tons of high-explosive bombs that fell on London.
Distribution of names across countries and regions.
Software you can purchase for converting your Gedcom into an e-book.
Information and advice on TNA's Discovery catalogue.

How To Tell If a Virus Is Actually a False Positive
And check the file with 59 antivirus checkers at

Photo of work on the 1939 Register at Smedley Hydro in 1940 -

And finally, a tree house!
The image shows the oldest couple standing at the top of the “tree house” with their six children and spouses standing on the level below them. The third generation are at the bottom, five of which have the fourth generation babies in their arms. Each family is represented by colour-coordinated T-shirts, and arranged in order of oldest to youngest (from left to right).

Vol 31, No 4:  June 2018

Find My Past -
FMP have added a Map Search feature to the 1939 Register. They have added 2.5 million transcripts of UK deaths from 2007 to 2016. Transcripts of 476,000 Baptisms and 20,000 Feet of Fines for Surrey have been uploaded. British Army Officers’ Widows’ Pension Forms for 1755 to 1908 from TNA WO42 has over 13,000 transcripts and images of certificates etc. Over 6.7 million records from 1920 England & Wales electoral records have been added with images. 88,000 transcripts and images of Index slips for Prerogative Court of Canterbury administrations from 1660 to 1700 from TNA PROB 6 and 15/72 – many mariners.

Ancestry -
Ancestry have now obtained the 1939 Register, giving another search option, but note that their index was created from redacted images from some months ago. They have added Norfolk BTs of parish registers and transcripts for Cheshire. They have uploaded more than 23,000 photographs, pen and ink illustrations and sketches from the Fox and Hulton Collections from 1704 to 1989 for UK.

The Genealogist -
From TNA they have added MEPO 6 Criminal Record Office: Habitual Criminals & Habitual Drunkards. Also 1,270,000 records with images of Parish Records for Warwickshire, 29,000 individuals who were decorated with the Meritorious Service Medal and Air Force Lists from 1921 to 1944.

Deceased Online -
A collection of over 10,000 photographs of 90 Norfolk cemeteries has been added.

Family Search -
They had added indexes to 4.4 million British Newspaper Archive Family Notices and Obituaries.

Birmingham City Council -
Their Bereavement Services has launched an online database of over 1.5 million burial and cremation records.

Army Ancestors –
Created by Paul Nixon, this site aims to obtain photographs of soldiers with names between 1850 and 1920 and make them available free.

50 Recommended websites -

Property Deeds –
A private collection of digitised property deeds and associated documents for properties throughout England & Wales dating back to the 1660s.

Finding a Grave -
Hints on finding where somebody is buried plus a list of websites covering a single church.

The National Archives -
OCR does not work on handwritten documents but this new technology might learn to transcribe PCC wills.
Will updating obsolescent digital records to current technology alter their content?

Population changes -
A map and analysis of Victorian and Edwardian population during a period of major change in the dynamics of the British population.

Law Society -
Information on tracing past solicitors and law firms.

And finally, want to know the weather on the day and at the place where you were born or another combination? Go to and enter Weather followed by a date and a location; for example July 1 1976 Folkestone.

Vol 31, No 3:  March 2018

Find My Past -
FMP are adding Mother's Maiden Name to their England & Wales Birth indexes prior to 1911 Q3 from the new GRO online indexes, but this is probably not yet complete. Using the Civil Birth search form, you can search using only Mother's Maiden Name [which you can't do on the GRO site]. Unlike the GRO site, you are not restricted to one gender and 5 years.
FMP have added 49,000 Kent probate records. 94,000 marriages in London from the College of Arms are an unusual dataset. They have added 400,000 Parish records for Derbyshire, 160,000 more for Yorkshire, 140,000 more for Devon, 210,000 more for Hertfordshire, 400,000 for Jersey, 2.6 million for Manchester area, and transcriptions of 613,000 more Wiltshire baptisms. They have also added 56,000 records for the East India Company. Another addition is 127,000 more overseas and forces births, baptisms and marriages. There is a special collection on Suffragettes. FMP have added 645,000 records for Brompton Cemetery in London; this includes grave purchase records and thus is more comprehensive than the dataset on Deceased Online. 423,000 records for Cheshire schools have been added. Also 243,000 records for Red Cross volunteers in WW1. And finally they have added an Address search on all the censuses.

Ancestry -
Ancestry have released over 500,000 images of Wiltshire probate records. They have added 600,000 records for the East India Company and India Office 1746 - 1939. Electoral Registers for Liverpool 1832 – 1970 add 8 million entries and those for Edinburgh1832 – 1966 5 million. They have also added indexes for parish registers for Buckinghamshire and Worcestershire. Images of London street directories have been indexed by OCR.

The Genealogist -
The Genealogist have added colour tithe maps for Buckinghamshire. New parish records provide 366,000 for Warwickshire with images and 1.9 million more transcriptions for Sussex. They have added 650,000 records from TNA HO8 quarterly returns of convicts.

Scotland's People -
They have released images for 1917 births, 1942 marriages and 1967 deaths. They have also improved their matching of abbreviated and variant forenames.

Family Search -
Family Search have increased their parish registers for Cornwall to 840,000 and to 1.3 million for Lincolnshire.

Genealogy In Time -
They have upgraded their search engines for records and trees.

Railway Work, Life and Death Project -
A database of railway worker accidents in Britain between 1911 and 1915 with 4000 names, ages and roles in a spreadsheet that you can download.

National Fairground and Circus Archive -
Established in 1994, this is a unique collection of photographic, printed, manuscript and audiovisual material covering all aspects of the culture of travelling showpeople, their organisation as a community, their social history and everyday life; and the artefacts and machinery of fairgrounds.

SS Great Britain -
Volunteers at the SS Great Britain have created a database with the names and details of every single person that ever travelled on the ship – both crew and passengers.

Getting It Right: Data Entry Standards for Genealogists by Judith Schaefer Phelps -

And finally the talk by Audrey Collins at RootsTech on Civil Registration indexes -

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